Entry #1

About the Pixelart...

2017-04-23 03:49:32 by TheAxelGuy

I've enjoyed a LOT while i was on desing process from this pretty pixelart... And the history behind this .JPG is funny...

This thing was borned in a twitter poll (I speak spanish on my twitter), the options was: Solid Snake, Neku Sakuraba and Toon Link. I thougth the winner would be Neku (The World Ends With You), but i was wrong. on a sudden plot twist, Toon Link was the winner (i've got a neku sketch ready), so, after hours and hours from a mind block, this pose crashed with my mind just like a car and a wall.

I chosed the minish cap Toon Link cause' that was the game what i passed more times in my life, i passed this GBA game countless times (Really), so this game catch my "kokoro" like a fairy on a bottle (The fans from Zelda saga will get it), so i decided to show "Ezero" on my drawing.

When we talk from desing style, my gratest reference was "Ace Attourney" sprites (A nintendo ds visual novel, or graphic adventure game) 


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2017-04-23 11:17:22

Cool and interesting! keep it up bro